Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Switch Up The Game

So I have been mostly treading water with 50c 90m turbos on stars whilst mixing in the occasional 1d 90m turbo. I think I may have got a little complacent in my study, but I do believe the biggest reason is the lack of volume. Really, I don't hit my prime until about three hours into a session playing these types of games and that can really drag on. Also, the stress of putting the volume in by playing about 8 tables on average during the session has been putting me in zombie mode. A combination of lack of binks, lack of fun, lack of motivation and lack of stamina caused me to make my most recent decision.

Currently I am playing 50c 9m turbos on tilt. It is kind of refreshing to go from an MTTSnG mindset to a STTSnG mindset. The action is a bit more intense, the swings are a bit jumpier and the volume gets crushed way easier. I still have to log in a ton more volume with those games to figure out what my win rate will be around, but I think I have proven to myself I am a winner there. It will also sharpen my game overall when I do make it to the final tables of MTTs and MTTSnGs. I will have a much better grasp of ICM overall and will be able to recognize spots to push my edges much easier. Who knows, it might actually be the best thing to do to build the BR. I could maintain bronze on tilt for the decent free rolls, play the stars less than a dollar MTTs and grind out some very fishy micro single table sit n gos.

At the very least I can practice my control of nerd rage quit; those variance bumps just smack you in the face as compared to MTTSnGs. Much easier to go 10 in a row without cashing imho. But hey, I may be wrong.

I fixed the problems with HM2, auto import isn't working too well so I have to manually do it. Not much I can do there, tried everything.

And SNGWiz seems to be running better. The last couple updates must have narrowed down the default ranges some and sped up the overall performance. Or maybe I have just not used it as much since playing the STTSnGs. It is hard to find the time to grab a HH while 8-10 tabling on stars rather than 4 tabling on tilt.

I have decided to forego Saturday night festivities for the most part with friends. I really want to dedicate Saturday and Sunday to the grind without nursing a hangover or getting lack of sleep. I have committed myself to going to church on Sunday to help commit myself to it as well. It sounds much better to say I am taking off early on a Saturday night to make it to church rather than to gamble for 14 hours. Well, I guess it depends who you ask.


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