Monday, April 29, 2013

The Good vs. The Bad

Overall the switch to playing STTSnGs has worked out very well. I am getting more volume in, studying more intently and had some great improvement to the BR. Well, that is when you look at Tilt.

Not bad eh?

Not so good when you mix in what happened at Stars.

The stars games are a mix of the >50c MTTs which I was playing for value and the 1.5d 9 man turbos, so it is a bit skewed, but man does it look bad. Overall I am plus about 2 bucks for the whole month. Not sure what happened since my last post to throw the numbers off either because the BR is now ~$195.

Now to pad my own sob story, yes I ran ridiculously bad when I took my shot at playing the 1.5d games on Stars. Like REALLY bad, but whatever, that's poker. I just get disappointed when I know that from the outside looking in you see at best a break even player complaining about how his ATo monster gets cracked by KQs all the time. But really, you could add about 10 bucks to my running total to make up for the sick beats I was catching.

But to anyone who got this far, your scoffs are well founded. I did play bad as well to get there. I mean, I have only been playing the 9 mans for a couple weeks. There has to be some sort of transition phase from MTTSNGs. But I have improved quite a bit since the switch. There has been a ton of study which has helped tremendously. I have found leaks in my game that I did not know existed. I have also solidified some confidence in my game, I actually believe that there is hope for me to nail down my dream / goal of building a BR of $100,000 and live off of playing a game I enjoy. I read on 2p2 today that certain regulars feel that the average poker player can expect to earn $25-30K per year. The way that I have been improving, playing and logging solid volume, combined with my belief I can do much better than the average, that otherwise depressing news gives me something to hope for.

I missed my goal of logging 500 games this month, but I did hit the goal of breaking in the 1d games. I just didn't know it was going to be on 9 man sngs rather than 90 mans.

So for next month I have set down the following;

- Log 500 games
- Begin working in $1.50 games on Stars
- Continue review of almost all games, find and plug leaks
- Keep up to date with study notes
- Watch 15 hours of study videos

As for my personal life, I have joined the choir at my church. We have a concert on June 2nd and I am very much looking forward to it. I like the time that I spend there, it really helps to keep me grounded and focused. I must be crazy though, because I don't think there are many Christians who like to play poker and even less poker players who would consider themselves Christian. But hey, I always did march to the drum of my own beat.

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