Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Further Clarification

Well, I have sobered up since my last post and got some real traction going, so it is time to provide some futhur clarification with respect to my goals.

1. In the last third of this calander year I will make my push for climbing the Black Card Leaderboard for "Low SNGs" (anything below $26). I will be playing a mix of $5.00 and $10.00 turbo games as the main and lesser buy in hypers to fill the tables. At the end of this period I intend to have my BR at least of $1500 in value.

2. At the start of 2015 I will begin at $7.00 turbo SNGs on Stars and make a push for Supernova. Hypers will be mixed in as I transition throughout the year and depending on what games are the most profitable I will hop into them as needed. I intend to clear $35,000 worth of profit and bonuses during the year. This will depend on any changes to the VIP program Stars has for next year, so I will provide an update on how I expect to get that done at the start of next year. Likely it will take either 200,000 or 300,000 VPPs, while being profitable at the table for at least half of the yearly income.

3. At the start of 2016 I will make my push for SNE. At this time I will likely have been a proven winner at both the $15 and $30 turbos and hypers, so those games will be what I will play mostly to get the job done. A detailed plan will also be released at the start of the year when I have a clearer understanding of how best to accomplish that, but I intend to clear over $100,000 worth of profit and bonuses during that calendar year.

The weekly activities and intermediate goals will need to be addressed as they happen, so I cannot get into too much detail with how I will get there as of right now. But this is my two and a half year plan that I have laid out for me. I believe this plan to be realistic in it's expectations of my efforts and well within the expected swings while I climb the stakes.

During the first phase I will continue working my two jobs and put in the time as I can. The second phase will be done while still working at the casino. The third phase will be done with my entire work week dedicated to playing poker as a professional.

To begin my weekly goals I will keep track of them on my main desktop and update on this blog as I feel necessary. But to start, I will be looking at playing 100 tournaments on Full Tilt with an ABI over two dollars to close out the rest of the week. Study will be reviewing the noted hands at the end of each mini session throughout the week and one serious study session away from the table of at least two hours per week. Hopefully I can make that serious study session sometime on Sunday while updating my weekly activity sheet to keep it simple, but regardless the goals will be tracked and the activity will me monitored via excel spreadsheet.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work I can actually make this dream of mine become an attainable goal and an eventual reality.

See you at the tables!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Black Card Pro

OK, so fwiw I am 6/5 intoxicated while writing this, but at the very least I thought of the best way to write it 100% sober for a few days.

From here on in this blog is something I attempt to speak of in truth alone.

I realized that after creating this blog I have no real set goal in mind. The experience I have in mental science type leanings tells me that any type of ambition without a realistic and measurable goal is folly. This is my attempt to rectify and consolidate my ambitions in poker to something worthwhile.

Full Tilt Black Card Sponsored Pro

That is it, that is what I will be and am working toward to make this dream of mine come to fruition. I have no idea how to get it done either than climb the leader board for my set limits and game type. I have no real idea of what kind of volume and steaks it will take to get me there, but that is what I am aiming for in the long run either than just making monies.

Updates will come as I see fit.

100% RB and some FT swag is a pretty cool deal, but for sure being able to say that I crushed the stakes and earned my way to the top is what I want the most. IDC how bad the whole idea of running it up from bronze $5 turbo reg to BC pro is, that is what I am aiming for.

Stop me if you dare to try, lose your EV if you must.

May the whole eenternets hold me accountable, because my dream includes your vested interest.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blogging Run Bad?

I mean, who really is going to scope these posts by me to see if they can squeeze tiny edges out of leaks in my games at the lowest stakes PokerStars offers? It has to be blogging run bad. It is kind of funny how I seem to run bad as soon as I make a post though. Forget cash out doomswitch, I have a blogger doomswitch that I need to fix.

That is my cumulative run at the 6max hypers I mentioned in my last post. Yes yes, #lolsamplesize and such, and yes yes I know how easy it is to run 50 BI below EV or have a 500 BI downswong, and yes yes I even did run good.


The last post I made was right at the top of that graph. That big drop is a 20 BI cashless streak, of which I was one tabling making the best play I could every time. I'm pretty sure a breakeven stretch over 1000 games would be less painful than that small session. Squeezing out a 1-5% ROI wouldn't be so bad if I was on my way to SNE, definitely not on my way to silver.

I did enjoy my time playing them and I will continue to log in some time with them while cuddling with the lady or got some time to kill with my phone, but for sure it is time to get back to serious business. Time to get myself back to 7-10% ROI on Tilt's $2.25 and $5.00 turbos and possibly start getting some minor rakeback. I may come back to them at a higher stake when I need to get some Stars rakeback, but for the foreseeable future I will only be studying and pushing my edge.

On the plus, I did develop my HUD a bit further which will for sure lead to more exploitative play when I get back to my main games. I also had some great exposure to a new(ish) type game which expanded my understanding of the game somewhat. 6max and PokerStars regs are less intimidating to me now at the very least. So all in all I am begrudgingly happy and ready to blow through the low stakes as quick as I can.

BR ~ $600