Sunday, June 15, 2014

Well Now What?


Serious news broke earlier this week. Details are yet to be completely clarified, but this news might have some poor implications according to my previously set goals.

Both PokerStars and FullTilt might remove Canadian accessibility to their platforms as a result of Amaya buying out the parent company of the Rational Group, The OldFord Group. This seriously might mean the end of my goals basically right out of the gate. 2p2 PokerStars representative Steve specifically mentioned in the created 2p2 Amaya thread specifically that they intend to continue services to Canadian players in the future, but it appears that it goes against direct federal legislation. The deal is set to finalize sometime in September, so I have until then to grind out my meager BR, but after that the future is quite uncertain.

After doing some initial research, 888 might be a good place for me to continue grinding out the micro - low stakes and move my way up to the mid - high stakes. The games will be softer for sure, and the liquidity is there for the most part, so it is not a terrible potential solution for my exact situation. Actually, I am quite optimistic that I will still be able to begin playing full time at the start of 2016, it just might not be for SNE. +$100K might be a pipe dream, but clearing enough to live comfortably should be doable with taking the occasional shot at a big live tournament score. The long term goals after that might include cashing in on the EPT satelites and play big over there rather than continue clicking buttons from home, but that is still up for debate. First thing is first, still got to get my BR up to at least $1K by the end of this year to give me a real shot at phasing out the job and earn $30K over 2015.

Anyways, I pulled a real lazy couple of weeks lately. The volume has not been there but I have put in a tonne of time into study and review. Got a new spreadsheet to track time reviewed, time studied and time played separately in order to better gauge how to best increase my hourly. It also gives me the opportunity to calculate my actual hourly rate with study and review included, rather than just at the tables. I have also been using it as a weekly activity sheet with weekly goals to achieve and a place to keep the long term goals in mind while I work away. Overall the process of treating this persuit like a legitimate job is going well and I am feeling real positive about the personal and professional develoment that I am undergoing to chase my dreams down.

On another note I have cut out drinking entirely from my diet, that is something that has seemed to help keep me motivated and at my best during the entire course of a day. If you knew me personally you would understand how big of a deal that is to me.

Finally, the changes that I have actually made on the table are to not concern myself with chasing down 'randomish' goals just for the sake of doing something. I reviewed all the types of games that I have played since getting HM2 and identified what I believe to be the most profitable mix for me to play at any given time. When I can, I will load up to six $1.00 - 180 man hypers and play those exclusively. To maintain volume and keep the table count up I will be mixing in $1.00 hypers and $2.25 turbos on Tilt. They removed the 9 max hypers from Tilt lately which is kind of discouraging, but the 6 max games have been the most profitable for me anyways.

So all in all a weird week. Lots of changes going on, an uncertain future, but lots of progress going on in my life on and off the tables. This will be one of those times of my life that I will remember forever, but I do have a good feeling about this.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yeah? So what

Too much time not spending on making my dreams come true...

 I'll get er dun don worry

Those hyper turbo 9-max $1.50 BI games are pretty sweet tho

I'll add them to the schedule, so you betters watch out kk?