Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Post Mexico

Tons of fun these past couple weeks. I took a two week vacation from work to play some poker, build the roll and went to a wedding for a couple of my best friends in Mexico. The sunrise pictures I got are stellar and I can't wait to go back for some more good times. Back in the grind I feel refreshed and ready to improve my game once again.

Tabledroid has been working very well for me; I am up to 10 tables comfortably. This has helped my overall win rate and also helped me overcome tilt somewhat. With being able to squeeze more volume out of my daily routine I am less fazed when the cards don't go my way. This is because partially because I am distracted with many other decisions to make at the same time but also because I get those wins more often in any given session to bump my roll. I fixed the computer up a bit also to help improve the speed of my game play. Glad I made those improvements.

Cardrunners also has just released the mobile version of their website which helps my game. I have some downtime at work right now with it being the time after spring break up which makes it slow. Now I can spend some of that time, about an hour each day, watching training videos on my phone without anyone at work noticing. So things are looking up all around.

Right now the main thing I have noticed improvement on is my ability to make reads on fishy players and adjust my game accordingly. I am starting to extract more value from them by making exploitative plays, things that they don't notice and walk right into my trap. Sure sometimes it backfires, but the long term benefit well outweighs the negatives. This has made it easier for me to accumulate chips early and mid game so that I can avoid the push fold scenarios until much later in the game. The thing I need to work on is differentiating between people randomly pushing buttons and the thinking opponents that you will find at the micros. Once I can hone that skill it will improve my win rate significantly.

 HM2 seems to be fucking up a bit, it doesn't seem to register all of my wins or all of the games played for a given session and shows my graph as worse than it really is. I think it might have something to do with desktop compatibility mode not registering correctly, but I am not sure. The steps listed in the forum as to how to fix it don't seem to be working for me. Doesn't really matter though as the hand histories are working fine, so my review still goes well.

BR ~ $200

I will leave us with one of my favourite moments from the trip.


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