Saturday, May 10, 2014

Black Card Pro

OK, so fwiw I am 6/5 intoxicated while writing this, but at the very least I thought of the best way to write it 100% sober for a few days.

From here on in this blog is something I attempt to speak of in truth alone.

I realized that after creating this blog I have no real set goal in mind. The experience I have in mental science type leanings tells me that any type of ambition without a realistic and measurable goal is folly. This is my attempt to rectify and consolidate my ambitions in poker to something worthwhile.

Full Tilt Black Card Sponsored Pro

That is it, that is what I will be and am working toward to make this dream of mine come to fruition. I have no idea how to get it done either than climb the leader board for my set limits and game type. I have no real idea of what kind of volume and steaks it will take to get me there, but that is what I am aiming for in the long run either than just making monies.

Updates will come as I see fit.

100% RB and some FT swag is a pretty cool deal, but for sure being able to say that I crushed the stakes and earned my way to the top is what I want the most. IDC how bad the whole idea of running it up from bronze $5 turbo reg to BC pro is, that is what I am aiming for.

Stop me if you dare to try, lose your EV if you must.

May the whole eenternets hold me accountable, because my dream includes your vested interest.

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