Monday, May 5, 2014

Blogging Run Bad?

I mean, who really is going to scope these posts by me to see if they can squeeze tiny edges out of leaks in my games at the lowest stakes PokerStars offers? It has to be blogging run bad. It is kind of funny how I seem to run bad as soon as I make a post though. Forget cash out doomswitch, I have a blogger doomswitch that I need to fix.

That is my cumulative run at the 6max hypers I mentioned in my last post. Yes yes, #lolsamplesize and such, and yes yes I know how easy it is to run 50 BI below EV or have a 500 BI downswong, and yes yes I even did run good.


The last post I made was right at the top of that graph. That big drop is a 20 BI cashless streak, of which I was one tabling making the best play I could every time. I'm pretty sure a breakeven stretch over 1000 games would be less painful than that small session. Squeezing out a 1-5% ROI wouldn't be so bad if I was on my way to SNE, definitely not on my way to silver.

I did enjoy my time playing them and I will continue to log in some time with them while cuddling with the lady or got some time to kill with my phone, but for sure it is time to get back to serious business. Time to get myself back to 7-10% ROI on Tilt's $2.25 and $5.00 turbos and possibly start getting some minor rakeback. I may come back to them at a higher stake when I need to get some Stars rakeback, but for the foreseeable future I will only be studying and pushing my edge.

On the plus, I did develop my HUD a bit further which will for sure lead to more exploitative play when I get back to my main games. I also had some great exposure to a new(ish) type game which expanded my understanding of the game somewhat. 6max and PokerStars regs are less intimidating to me now at the very least. So all in all I am begrudgingly happy and ready to blow through the low stakes as quick as I can.

BR ~ $600

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