Monday, November 17, 2014

Chug-chug-clunkin Along

Almost every time I think about this blog I wonder why I keep it. But I hope, one day, that it will inspire someone like me to keep on doing what they are doing to survive and chase that dream. If it will work or not, I cannot say definitively. I can only say that I am better off because of it.

I have came to the slow and saddening realization that I am in fact a recreational player. I am not as talented or dedicated as Olivier Busquet to have a proving ground worthy enough of criticizing the rest of the poker community for being self entitled dreamers. I AM one of those dreamers, as studied and genuine as I hope to project myself to be. I don't take the game seriously enough to be critical of anything that anyone either than pure trolling artists may enjoy proclaiming. I am that nit bitch all of you LAG micro pros shave value from.

But who cares? I sure as hell don't!

My game is ever evolving and I don't care to express it here anymore. I do like to keep things going as a testament to my original involvement, but I am forevermore changed into a reclusive entity. FWIW, I completely respect my predecessors and I completely admire the best in my field. But I will do this my own way, even if it leads to my eventual detriment. I have too much faith in my own ability to do otherwise.

The recent changes at Stars has led me to begin exploring other options for playing at my micro-low stakes. You should see my handle at various ipoker skins and 888 starting soon. I hope to find games that I can beat at higher rates to increase my overall hourly since I play so few tables for so few hours compared to what is needed to crush the stakes that I am at. I prefer to play my four tables with premium game selection and optimal exploitative strategies than deal with other nit bitch mass tabling SNE chasing regs on Stars. Otherwise, I will only play my best and forego the 'advice as law' mentality that I have used until this point.

That, and I don't have much faith on Amaya's far outlook given their recent changes.

Stars has had too much craziness going on as of late for me to keep to my original two year plan I set out earlier this year. I do hope to clear 30K next year, but I have resigned myself to the fact that it will likely take a decent MTT score in order to do so.

So I am chasing value at the micro-low stakes, I may even be chasing RB and deposit bonuses as well. Who really knows? All I know for sure is that with my new career (that I truly enjoy) and my other possible money making hobbies I have many good nest eggs that need my attention either than poker exclusively. I hope one day to be a peer of those that I admire and have changed my life so significantly, but as previously and imprecisely stated.


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