Monday, February 10, 2014

Back, But Never Really Gone >>> My Secret Game

So it has been a seed in my mind that I should keep this diary / blog ongoing. Kind of cool that it seems there may be a few people who are checking me out, interested in what I have to say. Yes, I am watching your interwebs. I wonder how many of those are fellow 2p2'ers, how many are people checking my stats mid-tournie and how many are people spamming to sell me cock pumps...

Oh well, this blog is mostly for me just so you know.

Been a hell of a long time since my last post, so let's recap. For the first few months after my last post things went basically as planned. On tilt I played the $1.00 turbos mostly and mixed in some $0.50 hypers. Occasionally I would take a stab at the $2.25 games with some moderate results, just not a heck of a lot of volume. IIRC, I made a transition back to MTTSNGs shortly after that. Stars rolled out some new $0.50 turbos, 180 man and 360 man. I logged a ton of volume with those and had some moderate success. That put my roll somewhere around $300 by Sept - Oct.

I made a real change to the games I played right around that time. I played the MTTSNGs almost exclusively and tried to work my way up the ranks there. The $1.50 45 man turbo burnt quite of bit of my profits there somewhat due to lack of volume, but I managed to keep on trucking. The real problem was I was starting to have my edge reduced from the shit ton of regs at that game and the variance was unreal. From here I started playing almost every NLH MTT that stars offered during my normal play hours. Pretty much broke even, had a couple fun nights and did pretty decent overall. During that time the best result I would imagine was placing 3rd out of ~1400 in the $0.25 MTT that runs late at night, cashed for ~$43. Had one real decent run at the big $2.20, I think I placed somewhere around 60th or 70th for once again ~$40, but got three outted OTR with a 1.5x avg stack where I imagine I could have made a serious run at the FT. I felt like I was playing great, started to see the value in large MTTs and almost made my first 3 figure score (or even 4 figure).


While I was playing the large MTTs, I would load up some of the $1.00 180 man hypers to get some volume and keep myself interested. With the strong ICM background I developed playing STTSNGs I felt that I could at least make a few bucks in the long run and possibly gain some rake back; the thought never occured to me that I might actually make those my main game.

That is my graph from basically late December of 2013 until now. By far my winningest game in somewhere between 1/10th to 1/4 of the time of all the $0.50 turbo games combined. That also doesn't include the games I played on my phone! I mean, it basically plays itself, who needs a HUD in that game where the avg stack at the FT is like 6-7 bbs. I have registered I think three double diget winning days since I started playing almost exclusively those. I mean, I don't even play the MTTs anymore because I have such a better hourly rate playing these. Maybe I shouldn't be saying anything, but then again, not many people reading this will have the background that I have. I mean, once you REALLY know your ICM, and I mean REALLY know your ICM with respect to MTTSNGs, this game is printing money. Sure, I may still be averaging out something far less than minimum wage, but this is seriously a BR builder. The regs that are beyond my skill level play far higher stakes and the vast majority of people playing this game either have know idea what they are doing or are just looking for quick gambolz.

As a result I have build my roll to ~$565 and have just about passed this game behind me. I have catapulted my BR to the point where I can comfortably play the $3.50 turbos on stars, face off against mostly fish and poor regs, get a decent hourly rate and start looking at seriously replacing my income with poker winnings. I have a few more levels to jump through, but I do believe that if I played the $1.00 hypers during the peak global hours and the $3.50 during my regular hours, put in 60+ hours per week, I can cover my meager expenses and still build the roll comfortably each month. Plug that in with the occasional bink in a  'Big $X.XX' tourny and we have ourselves, ladies and gentlemen, someone who made it. I am SO close I can taste it, got a tonne of work to do as far as volume goes, but I know I am at that point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


On a personal note, I quit my old job and found one that is better suited for my personality and is much more flexible with my time. I am sleeping better, eating better, exercising more and generally have put my life on the right track to ensure I keep this momentum rolling. It is kind of funny really, the momentum started about 6 years ago now when I first made the decision to learn about success principles and apply them to my life. I guess this is the point that I was working toward all along. Super pumped to bring myself to the next step, the plan is still there to break $100K in a year and now I can plan for the next immediate steps.

Also, not so humble brag, I finally broke the friend zone during the past few months. Bagged me quite the little cutie who I was friends with for a few years. Just kept at it, not pushing anything and finally woke up at the right time and right place to put a solid foundation down. She is easily the best thing going on in my life at the moment and I hope that when you read this babe you know just how special you are. Yes, you and your face! You dork!

Here is to a great 2014, the best year of my life thus far!

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