Monday, February 18, 2013


So it starts today.

Welcome to The Fishbowl, a personal diary style blog following my daily grind out of the micros and into financial freedom. I have plenty of ideas to put here and will be updating it on a frequent basis, but for the most part this is a blog by myself and for myself. That doesn't mean anyone reading this won't at least be entertained or find a golden nugget or two, but you are forewarned that this may not be the most concise blog you have ever stumbled upon.

First of all, let me start with what I intend to accomplish here.

1. Create a growing personal archive of results.
2. Maintain a pulse on the attitudes shaping my poker though process as it continues to grow.
3. Provide a starting ground for all other poker related projects.

Let me summarize what I have been thinking about to bring me to this point.

I have been reviewing tons of educational material in the form of e-books, strategy websites and 2p2 posts and although these materials have been a tremendous help, I feel I need more. I feel that what I am lacking in is a concrete and structured way of organizing my growth. I know from past experience that writing down ideas, keeping a journal, tracking goals and making myself accountable to this process will do just that. With solidifying these ideas in my mind I am able to free up some creativity and will power to do what needs to be done >>>> the grind. Right now this blog will suffice as a central point for all strategy thought process, goal tracking and networking to build a great Edmontonian poker mastermind group. Of course anyone who is willing to can chime in even if it is just a slight criticism or bout of encouragement.

If you have got this far in my first post, thank you for reading. I look forward to growing as a poker player with you.

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